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This page is a summary of what we feel are important issues for our clients to consider when working with us. Keep in mind that this is only a summary, and that you should read the entire document to obtain complete information. If you havequestions about its contents, feel free to ask your Iverson Language Associates representative.Print


- Prompt review of translated files. We ask you to review our final documents and inform us within ten business days of any issues that you encounter. This allows us to completely close the project, and eliminates the difficulty of dealing with projects that are quite old, and for which translators originally used are not available.
- Client Language Review. If you are doing a client language review, we ask you to review our translations and respond within thirty business days. We will implement your technical changes at no charge. After that time, you may incur extra charges for implementing those changes. The technical changes that we will implement at no charge if received from you within 30 business days include those changes that positively impact the technical aspects of the translation. Stylistic changes, even if requested within 30 business days, may require additional fees.
- Retention of Source Files. We usually retain copies of your documents for six months from the date of delivery. If that timeframe does not work for you, contact your Iverson Language Associates representative.
- Translation Memory Files. Translation memory files are yours, if you have paid for the service with your projects.
- Confidentiality. Subject to certain reasonable limitations, we will keep your information confidential.
- Updating Existing Translations. If you ask us to update materials previously created by another provider, the responsibility for the existing translation remains with the original provider. In addition, we cannot be responsible for any issues we encounter regarding file types, fonts, etc.

To read the complete Terms and Conditions of Sale, click here



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