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Quarter III, 2006

In This Issue...
Hélène's Corner - News and Views
Planning for 2007
ISO Update
CM Pros Conference
Community Outreach
New Faces at Iverson

The following column, Hélène's Corner - News and Views, is a regular column that appears in each issue of the Iverson quarterly newsletter.

Hélène's Corner - News and Views

Tribute to a Translator: International Translation Day

Iverson as a company specializes in providing strategic solutions for managing document translation. A great number of our employees are Project Managers who proactively manage your projects, and work with the professional linguists hired based on the specifications of each project. International Translation Day, celebrated on September 30th, is an opportunity for us to put the spotlight on the hard-working, dedicated translators and proofreaders in this industry.

For this column, I choose to share a little about the education, life and commitment of Patricio, a translator who has worked with Iverson for over 10 years.

Patricio is originally from Chile and lives in Minnesota. He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and, prior to becoming a professional translator, worked 10 plus years as a software engineer. During that time, he was often contacted by translator friends to answer questions on computer terminology. This opened the door in his mind to become a professional translator. His favorite type of projects include technical documentation as well as educational materials for the United States, probably because he has two school-age children.

Patricio reads Spanish-language fiction and newspapers, watches Spain's CNN online and spends 2 or 3 months a year in Northern Chile. He works an average of 8 to 10 hours a day, but seldom continuously. As Patricio states, "I consider my greatest professional success not so much a specific act of linguistic heroism, but rather to be able to consistently provide timely and accurate translations to Iverson, my all-time favorite client." Patricio has a perfect track record for delivering translations on time; and, the quality of his translations is so good that it nearly makes the work of the proofreader redundant.

Iverson is proud to count Patricio as a member of its translator network. To all our translators, thank you for the hard work and ongoing commitment to producing on-time, high-quality work.

Submitted by: Hélène Pielmeier, Director of Client Services

Planning for Translations in 2007

It's budgeting time at Iverson and we're putting together numbers and plans for the projects we would like to see come to fruition next year. It's probably the same for your company.

In talking with clients recently, we have discovered that many struggle to establish ballpark figures for their translation budget. The Iverson team is ready to help gather the data that will make the budget planning process easier. Let us know what you need; we're here to help.

We will typically need to gather information from you to determine the anticipated volume of work as well as the languages and services your company will need. Your Project Manager can guide you through the key elements in order to provide a cost estimate.

Budgeting for translation can be a challenge. Please contact us and we will gladly put together a report that outlines the costs, timeline and overall specifications of the work that your company envisions for 2007.


ISO 9001:2000 Update

As a part of our business development, Iverson has started the research to develop the necessary documentation to obtain the ISO 9001:2000 certification. We envision this process to continue into the next year, and plan to be ISO certified sometime in 2007. Please watch for updates in subsequent newsletters.

Iverson to Present at CM Pros Conference 

Christine Bucher was invited to represent Iverson at the CM Pros Conference being held on November 27th in Boston. This conference brings together content management professionals from around the world who are interested in honing their skills in managing and developing corporate communications. Christine's presentation, "Creating Content for the Latino Market", will focus on the cultural issues and technical challenges associated with creating, managing, and delivering content for one of the world's fastest growing populations. Specifically, it will highlight the needs and interests of the domestic Spanish-speaking audience and compare them with the Spanish-speaking populations in Latin America and Spain. In addition, Christine will provide tips on how to develop content intended for Latino audiences.

For more information on the conference, please visit.

Another area Christine's work will be featured is in the November issue of Multilingual Magazine. Her article, entitled "Preparing Electronic Files for Translation", discusses the technical issues to prepare for when creating complex documents that will eventually be translated. The primary focus of the piece is on preparing manuals in Adobe FrameMaker, along with some tips about MS Word and Excel documents.

Community Outreach: Arthritis Foundation  

On Saturday, September 9th, Iverson employees, family members and friends joined over 300 community members for the 3rd Annual Michael Tarney Run/Walk for Psoriatic Arthritis Awareness. Proceeds from this event benefit the Wisconsin Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation and provide programming, research and services for the #1 cause of disability in the United States. Iverson was a Premiere Sponsor and, through the support of friends, family and colleagues, raised an additional $1,200. More information on this event can be found here.

New Faces at Iverson

We are pleased to welcome the following new members to our team:

Hadley Kinder and Andris Kursietis have joined the company as Assistant Project Managers.

Dave Ocampo has joined the company as Marketing and Business Development Assistant.

Please click on the links provided to view their photos and bios.

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