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Quarter II, 2006

In This Issue...
Hélène's Corner - News and Views
Spotlight on Three Clients
Iverson Honored With "Future 50" Award
ALC Conference Hosted in Milwaukee
Community Outreach
New Faces at Iverson

The following column, Hélène's Corner - News and Views, is a regular column that appears in each issue of the Iverson quarterly newsletter.

Hélène's Corner - News and Views

Quality In the Eyes of the Beholder
What is translation quality? You'd imagine there should be only one answer centered on the concept of ideal translation. In practice, it's not that simple.

We asked the question in our annual survey by providing four degrees of translation quality and asking which one meets your quality standards. We asked the same question with the same four degrees of translation quality to our internal staff and our quality control staff. Here are the intriguing results:

Which of these would you say meets your quality standards?

  • A translation that conveys the original meaning of the text. There may be grammatical errors and misspellings, but the text is understandable. Clients: 0% Iverson: 0%
  • A translation where the translated text is grammatically correct and reasonably fluent. The text may be awkward at times, but the contents of the original document are understood completely from the translation. Clients: 33% Iverson: 19%
  • A translation that is completely assimilated to the cultural context of the target language. One cannot recognize the translated text as a translation. Clients: 54% Iverson: 81%
  • A translation that adapts the text to the target culture. The resultant text may not correspond sentence by sentence to the original, but may instead even have omissions or reorderings according to what the translator deems appropriate. Clients: 13% Iverson: 0%

Translation quality is not always the same to you as it is to us. The same translation could be considered perfect by person A while inadequate by person B.

We all seem to agree that grammatical errors and misspellings are unacceptable. Where it gets fuzzier is the way the text reads. There are cases of technical documents where the style is indeed less relevant. However, those are limited cases and the way we train our staff is to reach the third level described above.

The last of the four descriptions mentioned above had the most interesting result. The question describes translation as an adaptation. A translation company's role is to translate faithfully with no additions, omissions or changes to the meaning. We work with our clients to point out when something should be changed to match the target culture. However, we would need your written consent before adapting text in a client's document; something to keep in mind if this is a required service.

As we are starting to develop ISO procedures, this type of research is of utmost interest. ISO's focus is about meeting the customer's expectations. Your expectations of quality are what matters most.

Submitted by: Hélène Pielmeier, Director of Client Services

Spotlight on Three Clients

  • Iverson presented a Partner of Excellence Award to Digi-Key Corporation in March. A distributor of electronic components serving engineers in over 120 countries, Digi-Key was acknowledged for their true partner attitude and willingness to work together to improve processes. Their projects require tight collaboration between our team and their team to meet the ultimate goals. We have recently completed an exceptional project that involved over 160 team members: the translation and formatting of 1,800 pages of their electronic component catalog into four Asian languages in a record nine weeks.
  • Wacker Corporation, a maker of construction equipment sold in over 160 countries, was also presented with the special Partner of Excellence Award at a meeting in Munich, Germany in April. Wacker is experienced in the field of translation as they are a long-time client and work with over 18 languages. The meeting at the headquarters in Germany was conducted as part of our ongoing relationship to always rethink methodologies and work at a strategic level.
  • Another notable event for the company was attending the christening of the largest cruise ship in the world, Royal Caribbean's newest ship, the Freedom of the Seas. Royal Caribbean International organized the event, which was broadcasted live on the Today Show. Iverson has been providing translation services for the entire Royal Caribbean fleet for over six years. Our translated menus are appreciated by the international passengers who dine in the elegant restaurants aboard the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.
We value the opportunities and challenges presented by our clients, and contstantly strive to develop new methodologies that address and achieve the short and long-term goals of each client


In Anniversary Year, Iverson Honored with "Future 50" Award

We are pleased to announce that the company has been honored with a "Future 50" Award from the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce (MMAC). The MMAC's Future 50 Program recognizes privately owned companies in the seven county region that have been started in the last 20 years and have shown significant revenue and employment growth. The award will be presented on September 14, 2006, just one day before the company's official 20th year anniversary. Additional information will be posted on our website in the coming weeks.

Brewing Up A New Vision -ALC Conference Hosted in Milwaukee 

Iverson Language Associates, Inc. hosted the 4th Annual Conference of the Association of Language Companies (ALC) from June 21-24. This event drew 90 attendees from companies located around the world. The theme, "Brewing Up a New Vision", focused on the future of the translation industry, and how owners, directors and managers can plan for and reach the next tier of productivity and profitability for their companies.

The keynote speaker was Walter Bond, the well-known business coach, team builder and motivational speaker. His energizing presentation, "Nobody Can Stop You But YOU!", focused on life lessons learned through teamwork, leadership and maintaining the winning edge in business.

Sessions at the conference included sales management, hiring, coaching, training, technology, profitability, public relations, family business and legal issues. Special to the conference was a representative from Google, who discussed how the company executes high-quality localization in worldwide markets.

The Association of Language Companies is a trade association representing the interests of language companies in the US, of which Iverson Language Associates is a Founding Member. For more information on the conference, visit www.alcus.org.

Community Outreach 

As part of our community outreach, Iverson Language Associates is sponsoring and participating in the organization of the 3rd Annual Michael Tarney 5K Fun Run/Walk for Psoriatic Arthritis Awareness. This event will be held on Saturday, September 9, at Lake Park in Milwaukee. The event raises funds for the Wisconsin Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation. Arthritis in its many forms affects tens of millions of people, and the Arthritis Foundation helps those suffering from the disease cope with its various challenges.

You can help in several ways:

  • If you live and work in the Milwaukee area, join us on September 9th
  • If you live and work outside of the Milwaukee area, you can still contribute to Team Iverson

For more information and to register or sponsor Team Iverson, go to www.mtrunwalk.com.

New Faces at Iverson

We are pleased to salute the following Iverson staff members for their recent promotions:

Christine Bucher was promoted from Project Manager to Senior Project Manager.

Leah Wanta was promoted from Assistant Project Manager to Project Manager.

We are also pleased to announce the newest addition to the Iverson team:

Kristen Carl, Assistant Project Manager, joined the company in June.

Please help us congratulate our staff - your email is always welcome!

© 2006 Iverson Language Associates, Inc.


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