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Quarter 1, 2007

In This Issue...
Hélène's Corner - News and Views
Language, Technology and Lagniappe* In New Orleans (*A little something extra)
ISO 9001:2000 Update
The Global Fund
Topic Suggestion
New Members to the EU

The following column, Hélène's Corner - News and Views, is a regular column that appears in each issue of the Iverson quarterly newsletter.

Hélène's Corner - News and Views

At Iverson, we have a long history of working with translation memory applications, in particular SDLX. SDL International, the makers of SDLX, recently developed a certification program for their users as a standard of excellence in the knowledge of their translation memory software. Iverson saw this as an opportunity to provide further professional development for our employees and has now become the first company in the North America to become an SDL Trados Certified Language Provider.

The certification is a 3-step process where each individual must study for and pass 3 exams, the latter of which grants the certification in the use of the product. Our entire project management, sales and management staff are in the process of becoming certified in the use of SDLX products. Four team members have already obtained the full certification for SDLX. The remaining ones are in the final stage and have already passed the two pre-tests. We are expecting full completion of the individual certification within a month.

What does this mean for clients? This ensures our team members are experts in the field of translation memory and can use the product knowledge to benefit each situation. The basics of the program are easy. It’s actually a very user-friendly application. However, most of our client’s projects typically require more in-depth use of some lesser known features in order to achieve a substantial return on investment from both a financial, time-saving and quality standpoint. This certification is another way to underscore our capabilities as translation technology experts. >>See Press Release

Submitted by: Hélène Pielmeier, Director of Client Services

Language, Technology and Lagniappe* In New Orleans (*A little something extra)

The 44th Annual Conference of the American Translators Association (ATA) was held this year in New Orleans, Louisiana on November 1-4. Your Iverson team, represented by David Santori, Senior Project Manager, and Amy Allen, Resource Manager, braved the ubiquitous heavy white cream sauces and deep fried food to gain valuable insights into the latest technology, trends and translation techniques in the language industry.

The conference featured exhibits and speakers on technology, from translation memory software to tools for workflow management. Amy grilled the panel on the translation tools forum, getting the scoop on new products and capabilities to bring home to Milwaukee. David focused his efforts on sessions pertaining to quality assessment, systems and management. Both brought home a variety of approaches and innovative ideas to improve or modify the project process – as well as a few pralines and beignets along the way. The new SDL Trados 2006 Certification was a much discussed topic and Iverson is on the leading edge of the curve, having already completed the process of Language Service Provider Certification. Standout sessions included those on content management systems that work with DITA and translation tools for use with DITA, methods for quality assessment for translation projects and tips for proactive project management.

Throughout, David and Amy met happy Iverson translators, an experience marked by checking one’s conference name badge and then exchanging excited greetings. Attendees’ languages were also displayed on name badges, and led to spontaneous chatter in many languages throughout the French Quarter for the duration of the conference.

The New Orleans setting was very appropriate for this group, as in 2005 the ATA helped the people of the city after hurricane Katrina. At that time, a team of volunteer translators and interpreters provided translation services and a phone hotline for Spanish and Vietnamese speaking residents. In fact, the ATA chose to support the city further by holding its conference there. This decision was clearly for the best, as the French Quarter proved hospitable and beautiful, in rich pastel colors; a city with its own vibrant culture and dialect, perfect for a meeting of those whose work is centered on promoting the exhange of information between cultures. Iverson was proud to be part of the event.

Submitted by: Amy Allen, Resource Manager


ISO 9001:2000 Update

The company is now in the second quarter of preparation for ISO Certification. This involves a series of training sessions for the company in which procedures and practical information relative to ISO Certification is presented. At present, the company has developed a quality manual to define the scope of the quality management system (QMS), that describes how we comply with ISO requirements and communicates the company's quality policy. More information on this important development will be presented in subsequent newsletters.

The Global Fund

As a part of its annual corporate stewardship program, Iverson Language Associates, Inc. has recently made a donation to the Global Fund.

The purpose of the Global Fund is to fight the devastating effects of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria worldwide. As these diseases continue to spread, they produce tremendous economic loss, social disintegration and political instability.

As a company that specializes in helping businesses to engage customers in international markets, we have made this gift to underscore the importance of advocacy and stewardship on a global level.

The work of the Global Fund brings renewed hope that, together, we can find ways to improve the health of the world where we live and work.

Topic Suggestion

If you have a suggestion for a topic relative to translation that you would like to see covered in subsequent newsletters, please email us.


New Members to the EU

The accession of Romania and Bulgaria to the European Union as of January 1, 2007 means that the EU now has 27 members and half a billion people, and stretches as far east as the Black Sea.

As the union has grown, so has the number of its official languages. As of January, Gaelic is formally recognized as one of Ireland’s official languages, alongside English. With Bulgaria’s entry, another alphabet, Cyrillic, will go into use in Brussels along with the Latin and Greek alphabets. Moreover, Spain has obtained the right to have the regional languages Basque, Catalan and Galician recognized as “semiofficial” languages.

This will bring the number of official union languages to 23. For the EU, this means that all official documents, 90,000 pages of past treaties and agreements, will have to be translated into all of those languages.

Sources: New York Times, BBC

Map of Europe
Watch the EU map grow

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